Scheduled special issues

The following special issues are scheduled for publication in OS:


24 Mar 2021–31 Mar 2022 | Markus Janout, Laura de Steur, Sebastien Moreau, Mia Wege, Mario Hoppema, Christian Haas, and Carol Robinson | Information
Towards an integrated Arctic observation system to fill gaps of observing system across the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, geosphere, and terrestrial ecosystems
16 Mar 2021–01 Dec 2021 | Marie-Noelle Houssais, Florent Dominé, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Erik Buch, and Mario Hoppema | Information


01 Mar 2020–31 Jan 2022 | Alejandro Orfila, Vanessa Cardin, Sarantis Sofianos, Gianmaria Sannino, and Anna Rubio | Information


01 Feb 2019–31 Dec 2021 | M. Hoppema and M. van Pinxteren | Information


Hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean (ACP/AMT/GMD/HESS/NHESS/OS inter-journal SI)
01 Apr 2018–31 Dec 2021 | M. Meier, G. T. Aronica, C. Barthlott, D. Cimini, V. Kotroni, E. Martin, R. Moussa, K. Schroeder, H. Wernli, and V. Ducrocq | Information


15 Oct 2017–31 Dec 2024 | I. Puillat, S. Sparnocchia, L. Delauney, G. Petihakis, W. Petersen, A. Grémare, J. Seppälä, V. Créach, G. Charria, and O. Zielinski | Information