Aims and scope

Ocean Science (OS) is a not-for-profit international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of studies investigating the ocean's physical, biogeochemical and biological and ecosystem properties and processes.

Ocean Science publishes studies with important implications for our understanding of the state and behaviour of the ocean, its impacts on and responses to climate, including coupling at the ocean–atmosphere, ocean–sea ice–ice sheet and ocean–coast (land) interfaces.

Ocean Science covers topics across all spatial and temporal scales and methods, including physical, chemical, biogeochemical and biological ocean processes and interactions, marine ecology, mesoscale-to-submesoscale dynamics, benthic and sediments processes and fluxes between the ocean, atmosphere and land. For details, see journal subject areas.

Articles must clearly explain how the results extend and compare with current knowledge. The manuscript types considered for peer-reviewed publication are research articles, letters, review articles, technical notes and commentaries/replies.